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One Take Sketch Battle UK

Hello U.K. Writers,

We just announced One Take Sketch Battle in England, join us to win 15 boxes of One Take Graffiti Paints.

There are some details of this sketch battle as below -

Deadline - December 25th 2016

Prize For Winner -

1st Place - 7 boxes One Take Graffiti Paints.

2nd Place - 5 boxes One Take Graffiti Paints.

3rd Place - 3 boxes One Take Graffiti Paints.

Rules of No.1 - You must follow @vipgraffitipaint @ot_graffiti @onetake_euro in IG.

Rules of No.2 - Post to IG with hustle(topic) #onetakecans #onetakesketchbattleuk

Rules of No.3 - A3 Size Only.

Rules of No.4 - The word to sketch "One Take".

Now, it is your turn, join it!

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